The Challenge – 60km

The Race 40km

The Ride 20km

Fun Ride and Fun Farm Run – 10km


Click here for link to AFRIKAANS race brief

Click here for link to ENGLISH race brief

Click here for link to mapped/google earth routes – 40/20/10km 

Click here for link to 60km route


Colours to be used for course markings:

  • Red – 60km MTB
  • Yellow – 40 km MTB
  • Blue – 20 km MTB
  • Green – 10km MTB and Fun Run

The relevant colour stickers and arrows will be used to indicate the route to be followed showing changes of course, intersections, and splits.

Stickers are always on your left hand side where practical.   A turn in the course to the left or right will be indicated by TWO STICKERS on the side of the turn.

Each intersection will be marked by an arrow.

Red and White danger tape, tyres or orange cones will be used to block off “NO GO” zones.

3 RED ARROWS indicate difficult sections where one should ride with caution.


1st Waterpoint Will be at:

14.6km – 60KM CHALLENGE

7.5km – 40KM RACE

7.8km – 20KM RIDE

5.2km – 10km Fun Ride & Fun Farm Run

2nd Waterpoint will be at:

19.5km –  60KM CHALLENGE

12.3km – 40KM RACE

12.4km – 20KM RIDE

3rd Waterpoint will be at:

34.8km –  60KM CHALLENGE

24.3km – 40KM RACE

 4th Waterpoint will be at:

51.7km –  60KM CHALLENGE

35km – 40KM RACE